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Parents, have you ever been at your wit's end trying to get your kids to do their chores? Sometimes, all kids need is something new and exciting to motivate them to do more chores!

You'll be able to keep up with all those pesky tasks without too much fuss if they're rewarded in a way that will make them happy. So check out these unique ideas and hopefully it'll help lighten the load!

1. Staying up later than usual

Do your kids love the thrill of staying up past their bedtime? They might just be more willing to help out if staying up later is one of your rewards. It's a good incentive for older kids who are used to having curfews, but are itching to stay up a little later.

2. Extra video game or internet time

This is a great option for teens and kids who love spending time on their devices. Offer them 15 minutes or an hour if they do some basic chores, like picking the toys up off the floor. For older kids you can promise more time on video games or online to motivate them to clean their rooms, do their homework, or help out around the house. Just be sure to set a time limit or your teens might play non-stop!

3. Special time spent with friends or family who are usually busy

Often, the most important thing for kids is spending time with the people they care about, so if you can offer activities rich in this experience then it's sure to be a hit!

Of course, we would love to give them all of our time, but when there's a practical limit on both on our time and money, assigning special time as a reward can be both fun and practical. So, instead of giving money or objects as chore rewards, give more of yourself and create more opportunities for your child to connect with those they love.

4. The fun fact reward

This is a great one for kids who enjoy learning new things. Have your child do something like feed the dog, then reward them with an interesting fact that they can put in their phone notes app for safe keeping. Your kids will also love sharing their new facts with their friends! It's not only fun but educational too!

5. Eating ice cream together

It's simple, but spending an afternoon going out for ice cream together is a lot of fun! It provides the tangible reward of yummy ice cream, while also giving time for you to talk with your child.

6. Outdoor activity of their choice

Going on a walk through the park or playing basketball are great ways to get some physical exercise all while providing that all important bonding time for you and your child. Let your child choose the location and activity, and watch their motivation skyrocket as they race to earn their reward!

7. Going out to get their favorite food

If your child has a favorite restaurant that they've been dying to go, or a special food they can't get enough of, take them out on an adventure to go get that food as a reward! It's an enjoyable experience for both of you to share, and will motivate them even more to do their chores so they can go out and enjoy it with you.

8. Special trips to see distant friends or family

It can be hard for kids whose friends and family live at a distance to deal with their absence, but there is a solution that is both fun and practical.

If your son or daughter has been missing their best friend or a relative from out of state, offer them a special trip in exchange for good work! Rewards like this can be very powerful motivators for kids, as there's often nothing they want more than to spend quality time with their loved ones.


Have your kids help plan out what rewards are available so that they feel like it's an opportunity for input as well!

Your kids probably have some great ideas for rewards that you'd never have thought about before! Let them use their creativity to help you brainstorm ideas. It will have the added benefit of encouraging their independence, giving them a voice in family matters, and making them feel more vested in doing chores.

Reward yourself too - take time to relax after completing all of your tasks! You deserve it! :)

Don't forget to reward yourself! There's a lot we can learn from how we raise kids, and one of the most important is to take a few minutes to reward ourselves when we need it.

Be sure to have fun while working together as a team!

Kids want to spend time with parents who enjoy spending time with them, whether it's creating new chore rewards, working on chores together, or spending time together as a reward. Enjoy the entire process together and you can't go wrong!

Put your new custom rewards into the Quirl app for a seamless experience

So now you have a list of your new custom rewards all planned out, but how to put these rewards into


Luckily, Quirl, the allowance and chore app that doubles as a mobile game, makes everything straightforward for you, with the added bonus that your kids will love playing with the app!

After you create your Quirl account, simply head on over to the Custom Rewards section, where you can enter in all of the rewards you and your child have brainstormed. Then assign chores, an allowance, and watch your child's progress to their goal reward grow as they start checking off chores.

Download Quirl - The Allowance Game for FREE for Android here and for iOS here!

We hope that this post has helped you plan out a reward system for your kids. Keep in mind that often the best rewards are those which offer kids an opportunity to do something special with their parents and loved ones!

In the comments below, please let us know how it goes or share any other tips or tricks that have worked well for you in motivating your children. With love from our team here at Quirl, we wish you all happy parenting!

  • Writer's pictureJennifer Fitzpatrick

Your first thought on hearing that Quirl promotes both success and wellness might be, how is that possible? Aren't they competing goals?

The short answer, of course, is no! While you might at first think of successful students as overworked and burnt out, stretching themselves thin until they are anything but well and healthy, on closer look we see a different story.

Because, even if that student becomes valedictorian and gets into their top choice college, you still have to ask yourself, are they really successful? Sure, they might look successful externally, but they could still be struggling immensely inside.

No one is served by defining success externally. Everyone benefits when we define success not by others' expectations, but by our own goals for ourselves.

When you think of success in this way, you realize it's impossible to have true success without wellness and vice versa.

True Success Depends on Wellness

A healthy emotional and mental state is a key driver and component of change and progress in your life

True success is not something that just happens to you. It comes from within. It flowers directly from your own actions and dedication, which ultimately depend on your mental wellbeing.

If your head's not in the right place, if you're feeling negative and like nothing you do makes any difference, meeting the goals you set for yourself is going to feel like an impossible task.

If you are patient and kind with yourself, realize all you already have to be grateful for in life, and can easily call to mind your potential positive impact on the future, you are in an ideal position to succeed at the goals you set for yourself.

Wellness Depends on Success*

*as you define it personally

A sense of wellbeing and personal fulfillment is greatly aided by regularly engaging in making the world around you a better place, even if it's just telling yourself you are going to pick up your room for the day and following through.

It's hard to feel well when we are constantly detached from the world. Not acting or engaging in the world for long enough can trick you into feeling like things can only happen to you, not because of you, and that you have no power over the direction your life and the world takes.

But when we experience the successful completion of our goals, even just sitting in a clean, fresh smelling room after a few minutes of picking up, we are reminded of our interconnectedness with the world around us. We are not solitary creatures, but active members in the positive progress of the world.

So whether we are parents setting goals for our children or managers setting goals for team members, we should first listen to their ideas of their own success, rather than impose our own external ideas of what their success should look like. When you value the people involved over the outcome, the people inevitably come out healthier, stronger, and more ready to handle whatever the world throws at them.

A Quirl App community where we tackle subjects like motivation, wellbeing, parenting, and how to balance it all while you or your loved one are still growing up.



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