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Quirl, LLC

Jennifer Fitzpatrick, Founder

Jennifer is a software developer, entrepreneur, and Brown University alum, with a passion for creating technology that makes a positive impact on the world.

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My Story

I began developing Quirl after working on a similar app focused on the wellness and motivation of adults, Attune Mint. I created Attune Mint after realizing in my personal life the power of certain wellness exercises like gratitude journaling, meditation, and affirmations, and wanting to share an app that motivates users to complete these exercises regularly. 


I realized while working on Attune Mint that these wellness exercises and a similar motivational system could have even more of an impact on children and teens. Similar wellness exercises, adapted for children, are included in Quirl under our "Dailies" section, where Quirl motivates kids to refine their goals, list their gratitudes, engage in physical exercise, and journal. 


Quirl is important to me because I believe in sharing the wellness features and system of engagement that so helped me in the past, with children and teens, who could be served for a lifetime by developing these positive habits now.

Quirl's Vision

Quirl is at its core a motivational gaming app, but it is also an entire system for motivating kids to engage with the world around them, to achieve their goals, and to develop better overall wellness.


Quirl aims to create a community among kids, teens, and parents that fosters engagement and wellness. We make it easy for kids to root each other on and create a truly positive community environment.


Quirl offers even more benefits for kids the closer you look. Kids' vision for their future, their positive outlook, and their mental and physical health will all increase with daily exercises in the app that specifically target these factors.


Quirl’s ultimate vision for the future is to create and nurture a positive culture among families.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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