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Welcome to the journey of your life.

A gaming and family management app built for both you and your child.  Quirl turns allowances and chore rewards into an exciting, mobile questing game.

Don't just do your chores - Quest IRL

Why Us


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Watch your child's success skyrocket with an app that turns chores and allowances into an exciting game.


Quirl is the gaming app that helps you teach your children responsibility, financial literacy, and healthy daily habits that will last them a lifetime.


Instead of teaching them to earn and spend money immediately, Quirl challenges kids to put in the hard work to both earn and save it! Control every aspect of their allowance and spending, set day-to-day tasks or one-time goals, and specify exactly how much of their allowance they should earn for each task.


With Quirl, you can become a character in a highly imaginative world where the only limit is your own imagination. Explore uncharted territories and perform quests for townsfolk in exchange for treasure that you can then spend on items in the real world, like gift cards.


Do your work, take care of errands and chores, all while you go on a wild adventure inside the Quirl app.


Attack wandering monsters, unlock rare items, and quest with friends, while also checking off and getting rewarded for your real world goals.


Create Your Character


Track Chore and Habit Progress


Battle Monsters


Quest for Real Treasure


Compete with friends

What Makes Quirl Fun

What would it take to level up and become a true hero? Training, strength, agility... not to mention those epic quests that put everything at stake. But what if you could become a hero not just online, but in your daily life as well?


Quirl allows you to do just that - now you can gain experience and training in your real life as if you were playing one of those epic adventure games we all love.

Now you can make your gaming life so more than just playing online. Quirl allows you to use in-game coins that you earn through quests and daily tasks to trade for actual, physical items like gift cards or Amazon packages, instead of just having them sit there in your digital stash doing nothing. Say goodbye to the days where you will play but collect no rewards IRL, because now it pays off! 


At the same time, Quirl is bringing friends together and encouraging success one high score at a time! Add friends, earn trophies, and even challenge each other to weekly group quests.


Why Parents Love Quirl

Quirl was designed to make chores easy and fun. But it was also designed with parents' family management needs in mind.


With Quirl, you can forget about tracking how much money your kids have already earned, and leave the hard work to us. Simply assign chores, a weekly allowance, and let them do the hard, but fun work of beginning their Quirl adventure.


Are you running a tight household budget? No problem! You can specify any weekly allowance amount you wish, and you can be sure that they will only receive the money they've earned, and never above your maximum.


The app is perfect for busy parents on the go. Setting up your child's account, allowances, and chores is simple and can be done in under five minutes. Simply set up your account once, then rest assured that your family is on track to receiving chore rewards in a mobile game they'll love.

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Approve or reject all completed tasks and allowance spending

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Teach kids the value of hard work and persistence in achieving their goals

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See what items kids are saving their money toward and their progress


Cloud syncing across all your family's phones, tablets, PCs, and browsers.

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A Quirl community where we tackle subjects like motivation, wellbeing, parenting, and how to balance it all while you or your loved one are still growing up.



How It Works

How It Works


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Jennifer Fitzpatrick

Quirl Founder

Jennifer Fitzpatrick is a software developer, entrepreneur, and Brown University alum.

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